Kit Gage - Gardener's Adviser


Rates & Work

You can take care of your own yard with a little, sometimes occasional guidance. That's where I come in. I won't do it for you, but I can help you decide what to do with your yard/garden and how to implement your plan. My specialties are native plants and lower care plants, but I'm not a purist.

My rates are $100 for the first consultation and recommendations. This involves evaluating the questionnaire you filled out (accessible from this site), a visit to your yard with you - usually an hour or two, with recommendations both on site and in a short report to you afterwards. Included in the consultation are books on loan, useful websites, plant lists, and care and pruning options. I generally include evaluations of the health of your major plantings, suggestions for relocating if needed, swapping more appropriate plantings. Where possible, I suggest opportunities for collecting and soaking in stormwater in ways that don't compromise your home and using native plants. What I do is highly dependent on your needs and desires as we work through together. After the initial consultation and follow-up, I am available for checkups in later seasons. Depending on the detail or effort involved, these can be $25-50.

For two years I was founder and co-director of the National Capital Region Watershed Stewards Academy,, which organizes courses for activists to understand the problems of stormwater in cities with lots of pavement and people, and how to mitigate some of those problems, including by installing conservation landscaping and above ground cisterns. It covers the District, Montgomery and Prince George's counties, parts of the Anacostia, Potomac and Patuxent watersheds.

I am President of Friends of Sligo Creek, and an active member of its Stormwater Committee, and past president of the Takoma Horticultural Club. I belong to several other native plant, garden and arboretum groups. As well I'm working with Silver Spring Green's Institutional Outreach Stormwater project, and have been an occasional teacher at CASA de Maryland on Stormwater issues. I have a Horticulture Certificate from the Graduate School USA ( ) in DC.